Keep Luke Fickell?

To Fire or Not to Fire?

Tim Beck is the one that they need to let go.
- Orton Hall it evident yet how he has proven the peter principle business model. This position is well beyond his capability. Definitley needs to go!!!!!
- Paul P

He sounds like a great guy, give him $15 an hour to coddle the players who never had a daddy. The players who come to OSU have talent, but need discipline. When you're the best on your high school team you can afford to go rogue, even expected to. The defense is often caught out of position and fails at the basics, like containment and tackling. Friends tell me these guys should know how to tackle by the time they get to college, so I suppose we don't really need a coach at all, the boys know it all and play to their peak without coaching.
- Mark bell

The Bucks are what you see, a group of talented kids that are poorly coached on both sides of the ball.If Tim Beck and Wariner are offensive play callers I'm Bill Walsh. Luke, aren't you in charge of the lb's. Tight end for PSU was open all night playing on one leg. The kids don't know their responsibilities.;Very bad coaching!
- Gary Bogdan

So, three times there's nobody in the backfield after a punt or field goal attempt, and the Kiddy Diddlers score as a result. Get rid of this a**hat NOW
- The Sage

Omg..against Wisconsin stonk5

Fickell the wickel is slated to earn $750k in 2016. The highest among Urban's assistants. Total rip-offs!

For all of you wanting Fickell to leave forget it, stop wasting your time because it's not going to happen. He has too much pull with the alumni, they love him, and he is not going anywhere.
- JM

Now that Urban has Greg Schiano, Joker Phillips, and Brian Knorr on board. Isn't it time to let Fickell and Beck go?
- BJ

i think hes a bit lumpy sometimes
- our family of disciples

Luke is a sumo wumbo dumbo. He likes his elastic jeans a lot. He once ticked a really ugly speckled tortoise to the point of a trauma. I think that Luke was some if the worst kids that will never amount to anything but cry babies.
- The ones that they told you to run from

God had given you one face, and you make yourself another. -William Shakespeare
- Mark

Hey buckeye fans! Luke was a great coach and mentor to me. Runs a great defense and is one of the best buckeyes of all time.
- Joey Bosa

14 Buckeyes, 15 if you include Noah Spence, invited to the 2016 NFL combine, and we didn't even win our division. What's wrong with this picture?
- Mark

How about changing this site to Tim Beck sucks. Fire Beck!
- BJ Let's stick together buckeye nation... Coach flick is one of us...
- Buckeye to I die

Luke is going to get a lot of input from Schiano next year. How about the terrible play calling on offense! Not once this year did the Bucks run a reverse with Elliot and Braxton Miller. With the entire defense swarming down on Elliot a reverse handoff to Braxton would have been money in the bank. Braxton Miller with one man to beat. No problem. Totally wasted the talent of the best football player in America (Miller).
- Gary Bogdan

He certainly not worth the $640k plus salary.
- Tim

Facts don't lie! Before Ash came in, we have a defense that offenses treated with the respect of a phone book. We need a difference maker not just a compassionate fella.
- B.J.

Perhaps a few of you should read this from Ohio State Linebacker Raekwon McMillan On Luke Fickell: “Not Only A Coach But A Life Changer” "Why would you choose Ohio State ?" Because that man in the middle is not only a coach but a life changer, and I trust him with every second of my near future. Thank you Coach Fick. God has gifted you with the ability to see good in those who have been told all their life that they would never amount to anything. Also humbled those who have been given much to be able to understand the other side. You brought a group of guys who had nothing in common together and created a bond that couldn't be broken. You are truly a blessing #LBU Fiesta Bowl Champions RIP Pops , I love you. This one was for you! The simple minded won't understand, it's deeper than football. Those of you who coach from your comfy coutch and post comments when truly you have no idea the special bond he brings to the players. Folks who've post to this site negative comments about Luke and his family should be ashamed. Real Buckeyes defend there own. Cmon buckeye nation. Let's send a shout out to shut this sight down.
- True Buckeye

One more thing!!! GO BUCKS!!!
- Buckeye to I die

Coach fickle has been by or side threw everything!!! And now you want to fire him? No wonder we or the most hated fan base!!! In the world if something dose not go or way we will turn on or very on!!! If not for coach fickles defense shuting out Wisconsin last year we don't win number 8!!! Cause we don't make the playoffs... Keep coach fickle he is loyal and that's hard to find anymore!!!!
- Buckeye to I die

I don't think Fickell will ever leave. A lot of credible people have said Archie is one of Fickle's biggest fans & protects him at all costs.
- Tony

Great! Now yet another "Co DC" To work under Fickell, even though they forgot more about coaching than Fuckhole will ever learn!
- Cuck

Luke is a great and loyal Buckeye but he should get out of his comfort zone and make his mark leading a program. Ball State would be smart to look at him as their next head coach.
- Rod

you should all eat shit and die. Luke is a great Buckeye and a huge part of the program. Get lifes and move out of your parents basement
- Big Nuts

Have a 3 touchdown lead on Notre Dame right before half and ole Luke decides to go prevent defense and as expected ND drives down on soft D and scores getting back in the game.
- Randy

no details Fickell must go how much proof do they need?
- mark OSU class 73

Why is this moron still employed?
- Pam

Urban keeps nicely saying to Luke Fickell that Luke should leave OSU. Now Schiano gives another bigger hint to boring LUke it's time to go. Why can't Luke get the hint that Urban wants Luke gone? DUH?
- winston adams

Any horse's rear end who has nothing better to do in life than create a site like this is pathetic in the extreme.
- Jerry

We lost Tom Herman and now Chris Ash. But don't you worry, we're in good hands with Coach Fickell and Coach Beck. Go Bucks!
- S. Orkney

The TD pass that the FULLBACK caught for MSU sealed Ohio State's fate (along with inept offense). Dantonio love's that play and OSU should have been ready for it.Linebacker was way to late in coverage. Who's in charge of the LB's. I think it's Luke.
- Refused

Since 2005, Luke has lost fewer games than any D-Coordinator in the country. He has worked his entire career under two coaching legends. Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel. His D literally embarrassed. Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon on our way to the National Championship. You must be on something!

Michigan still had the last laugh with OSU. If Michigan holds on and beats MSU, MSU is not even in the discussion with 2 loses. Even with the loss to MSU, OSU would have played Michigan for the eastern conf. championship. By beating an undefeated IOWA team in the BIG championship game, OSU would have secured the 4th playoff spot and a chance to defend their title. Michigan should have their punter's birthday instituted as a state holiday.
- Givit Tu Zeke

No more excuses for Luke Fickell! His defense was taken to the woodshed by Jim Bollman with backup quarterbacks.
- B.J.

Luke Fickell on defense and Tim Beck on offense. What a deadly combo!
- Tony

Here is an "M" word that will be in play Saturday; MASSACRE. Harbaugh will expose Fickell's vanilla defense and the Buckeye offense (or lack thereof) will be totally shut down by a much better defense than Michigan State has. I hope Urban takes the LSU job and takes the whole coaching staff with him. NO excuse for that performance against Sparty. Barrett should have been replaced in the 2nd half. Elliot touches the ball TWICE in the second half. Did any coaches watch the MSU Nebraska game? MSU can't defend the pass. If you're going to get beat, make the other team beat you, don't give it away.
- Gary Bogdan

Cardell is 11 and 0 as a starter. They may have not all been pretty, but they were wins. Barrett doesn't scare anybody. Between Fickell's dumb play calling and and no Jones, Bucks have NO shot in Ann Arbor.
- Jim Harbaugh

I would like to know how fickle has not been fired up to this point! Last year, our offense had to score 40-50 points a game to keep us in it because our "D" was mediocre at best. It's been mediocre since fickle has been there. Now's the perfect time to get rid of Fickle, and while we're at it, get rid of Warriner too!
- Darryle

Fickell does not know how to defend a mobile QB. Dantonio knows that. I believe Cook could have played but Dantonio wanted legs in there against OSU defense.The two players most responsible for last year (Zeke and Jones) were not even involved in this game. Meyer should fire himself as well!
- Gary Bogdan

Urban should have done everything he possibly could have to keep Tom Herman! Its been a long time coming to get rid of Luke Fickell. Fickell might do well at a Division III school. He's gotta go along with the offensive coodinator!
- Jim T

Cudos to Zeke. Telling it like it is. Bad,, bad coaching on both sides of the ball. Did anyone tell OSU's defensive line to wait till the ball is snapped before commiting. Offsides kept all three of MSU drives alive. J.T. Barrett is playing scared, protecting that ankle. Can't perform like that. Meyer should have made the move to Cardell in the second half. Defenses get tired of hitting him. Meyer should get rid of ALL the coaches and start over. This team embarrased the entire state of Ohio with that performance!
- Gary Bogdan

This guy was a sympathy hire. Never thought I'd see Urban do that. Time's up on this guy.
- JD

MSU receivers run DOUBLE MOVE routes. Coverage of the TE is critical (especially in the red zone

I believe the only reason Fickell still has a job at OSU is because of the alum/boosters. There is no way he keeps his job after the way his defense performed in 2012 and 2013 without some behind the seen political maneuvering. He must be a favorite of the alum/booster club.
- JC

Line coach has improved the defense. But he has to overcome fickell's constant errors please this team deserves much better. I believe urban Meyers greatest failure is his refusal to get rid of fickell.
- Dan parker

QB doesn't matter. Defense can't contain, tackle or stop the run. Athletic QB will burn them all day.
- Fred Upp

QB doesn't matter. Defense can't contain, tackle or stop the run. Athletic QB will burn them all day.
- Fred Upp

Luke and the rest of the defensive staff, please look up the meaning of the word CONTAINMENT! I don't believe you know what it means.
- F. Russ Trated

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