Keep Luke Fickell?

To Fire or Not to Fire?

I don'f believe Luke fickell is the one calling the plays on defense this year. I believe Chris Ash is calling the plays, and that's the reason the defense is playing better.
- JM

Fickell eats poop

Awful quite here of late. Did the Def suddenly get really good, did Luke become a football guru all of a sudden? Or (reality check) are we still playing the B and C caliber teams we do every year that we can always win. As soon as we step up, the D will fold as usual. We ALL KNOW that. Why not make the move to make changes now while there is time?

Yes, of course you are going to get scored on, everyone does. But the week after week, season after season big play mistakes and HORRIBLE (if any) defensive adjustments at all) by a team with the resources OSU has is inexcusable - particularly by the teams we play in general. No wonder we get our asses handed to us every time we play the SEC.

At this point, I think we need to lose to the team up north ( I HATE saying this) a few times consecutively to convince Urban to toss Fickell in the river.
- Fickelless Future

These DB'S are 4 and 5 star recruits? Start looking at some Walk Ons that want to play . They couldn't do any worse! EMBARRASSING!
- Gary Bogdan

Does the defense actually practice during the week? How can corners and safeties just look at each other while receivers run right between both of them for 80 yard touchdowns? That defensive coaching staff (led by INCOMPETENT LUKE FICKELL) should be ashamed to pick up a paycheck! Those kids are lost and confused and that is because of PISS POOR COACHING!
- Raymond Sturgess

Traditional Buckeye Defenses do not permit shoot outs, they promote shut outs. Allowing 20+ points ensures loses. This 2014 defense is not ready to play top ten teams. Maybe not even B10 teams. We need a smash mouth, clamp down Defense. FICKELL HAS FAILED TO DELIVER A TRADITIONAL BUCKEYE DEFENSE, THEREFORE, FIRE HIM.
- Wayback Buckeye

I cant imagine another year with this type of defense in our secondary. I guess I wont have to.. People don't realize we have probably the best D lines in the country! Here's and idea put our secondary on the D line for a practice and see how they like it!
- Buckeye Fan

Fickell should have been fired last year! His defense is horrible
- spenser

Can't take this anymore. How many weeks do we have to endure blown play after blown play. The guy looks lost. He won't be able to beat Mount Union with the current pay calls and schemes.
- Buckeye in Atlanta

Here we go again!!! Cincinnati !!!!????? Let's get rid of the whole defensive coaching staff !!!!
- Fodi wa

God Damn if I see another 50+ pass yard play I will freak out. Fire Luke Fickell. RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
- osu fan

Is anybody watching the Cincy game? When? When? When? Are they going to fire Fickell and get some decent defensive coaches.?
- Sickofthiscrap

All great Buckeye teams have had great defensive units. The last good defensive unit we had was 02-03 national champ squad. Let's bring that attitude and defensive focus back. We can always move the ball, but need to get back to a nasty d to keep our opponents from doing the same. Fickell has had more than enough chances. He's shown one thing: he's not the leader of a nasty d. Time to move on!

Defenses that can't stop MAC teams need to have their choosing staff replaced. I don't care how explosive an offense is, if their defense can't stop shit, we will never have any championships...
- Buckeye in Indiana

Uh-oh its gameday and Fickell still isn't fires :(
- osu fan

tired fan* sorry
- osu fan

Lol fires fan
- osu fan

At this point, no one needs to provide any evidence for the firing of Fickell. I'm going to be devoting some of my free time to protest in front of the stadium on Saturdays. Fickell needs to be run out of the state.
- Tired Fan

Took some time this morning to do some research on your boy Urban……. OSU Stats over the last few years! Fickle was the “CO”-DC in 05-10 was co before this…..just got tired of looking at stats HC- NOT DC in 2011 Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line .......Jim Heacock Hasn’t been the DC since 10 Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line ............Jim Heacock Co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers .............Luke Fickell Year Total O Plays Total D Plays Points /Game O Points /Game D D Avg yd/play 2014 124 143 27.5 26 5 2013 1003 1000 45.5 22.6 5.3 2012 837 849 37.2 22.8 5.1 2011 808 831 24.5 21 5.1 2010 896 789 38.8 14.3 4.3 2009 879 827 29 12.5 4.1 2008 807 846 27.6 13.9 4.5 2007 883 832 31.4 12.8 3.6 2006 820 799 34.6 12.8 4.5 2005 808 780 32.7 15.3 4.3
- chris

6 years of candy pants defense! I can't take this shit any longer. There is talent all over the defensive side of the ball but we can't cover tightends, we can't cover receivers and we can't stop the perimeter run. If the entire country says you have the best defensive line in college football, what could be the issue?! Coaching!!! These coaches suck. This turd from Arkansas? Why did we hire this guy? Arkansas defense has never been legendary. The silver bullets were however. All the coaches on defense need to go, and if Urban doesn't pull the trigger he can go with them. Urban, you've done nothing for Buckeye fans. 24 games in a row against teams you were favored heavily to beat, and suddenly you've lost 3 of your last 4. What do those 3 teams that have beaten you have in common? They are better than MAC schools. I'm sure we will stomp Kent in the ground but I see 5 losses on his schedule, and that's not good enough. Tress did more with less talent. You and your buddy Herman have yet to impress me. Tom, I know your favorite play. Read option. Girls who else knew your favorite play? Clemson, Sparty and Virginia Tech. Urban in the media saying they are going to "open it up" this week?! What does that mean exactly? You're going to put it on a MAC school.. good for you! Beat someone relevant. Beat someone ranked. Judging from what I've seen, we are no closer to being a competitor than we were the year Fickell the bum was out coach. Congrats on making my favorite thing in the world (buckeye football) a laughing stock. Woody would be heart broken.
- SickOfTheChoking

Fire the whole F ing bunch of them. The laughing stock of the big 10
- Pissed off Ohio boy!!!!!!

Will OSU ever win the CFP with Meyer as HC? (probably not with fickell) Thats what you have to ask yourself and i believe That we can, i wont say we will. I wish urban was a little more defensive oriented. So i wont put all blame on fickell. Heres the perfect situation... A defensive minded coach, who can recruit like Meyer. Any good o- cord can coach up an elite offense. If that is available then you should get rid or urb, but If not why remove Meyer for a sub HC. Obviously Fickell needs to go. In the future Im looking forward to seeing urb w/ out Fickell so we can see whos fault it really is that is causing Ohio St. D to stink . Now im not ready to right off Meyer yet but If i was the AD I would have some coaches on speed dial. Go Bucks!! Its time to improve!!
- I miss Tress!

Its time to let em ALL go. Meyer included. Honeymoon is over (3rd year)and I cant see myself living with this relationship any longer Coaches are posing, money is wasted on them and the fans feel like second class citizens here in Ohio. Were not used to this! What a shame to see us this way. Heck, even seeing UofM get smacked around alittle last weekend does not ease this pain. I'm in my closet these days looking at my old "Tress Vest", feelin' kinda melancholy, wishin' "in Tressel we could trust" once again! I know that some of you here are still holding on thinking that Meyer is still our savior and he has his white horse ready in stable to come riding out with sword in hand raised high majestically leading us to the championship but- well,,, I myself just don't see it, sorry.
- BurnedBuckeyeLover

Fickell should have been let go a long time ago. He would have been fired a long time ago anywhere else.Assistant coaches do not get chance after chance after chance.
- JH

I can see it now, sat. 4 o'clock eastern time Kent State 49 OSU 45. Urban Meyer fires Luke Fickell after the game, flash forward another week against the Bearcats. OSU 35 Cin. 3. FIRE FICKELL'S A$$. Go Bucks!!
- osu fan

I agree should have been fired last year.

Yes fire him now! Hire someone who can teach the players how to play downhill and nasty. I will not waste another four hours watching the Buckeyes until Urban grows a pair and makes that much needed change. We won't contend for a national title until then. I am totally frustrated by the play of the defense again.
- michael snyder

Who's ready to go 1-2! Seriously fire Luke Fickell!!!!!!! Urban Meyer it's you or him, choose wisely!!!!
- I miss Tress!

All the coaches are to blame are not making proper adjustments at halftime. Tom Hermann is more to blame for the loss than Luke Fickell. Linebacker play is still terrible. Curtis Grant should never be on the field on a passing down. Where were the slant passes to an open middle area. The offensive line needs dance lessons to improve their feet. Disappointing loss.
- Loyal Buck Fan

No excuse for VT to Be able to pick up multiple 3rd at 17's . Why can't fickel figure out that he needs to put pressure on the QB. We hardly ever blitz
- Td

luke fickell as head coach had Braxton miller on the bench and played joe bowserman the whole game against Toledo guy does not even know talent and you put him in charge of our d which used to be top 5 nationaly under jim heacock under fickell we go to the bottom nationaly
- Aaron

The bIG 10 once again looked pretty sad as a whole when on then national stage this past weekend. Different season, same sad results. BTW, please fire Fickell now! This is the best OSU can get? Come on now...

And then hire who?
- osu fan

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