Keep Luke Fickell?

To Fire or Not to Fire?

The defense does not know it's responsibilities, take horrible pursuit angles to the ball carrier and CAN'T TACKLE! Fickell would've been replaced in any other program by now. Also, Chris Ash isn't much better.Wisconsin or Minnesoota will beat the Bucks in the championship game. Both teams will attack the edges of our defense which are so, so, vulnerable. Sick of watching it for 4 straight years now.
- Gary Bogdan

Buckeyes would be national champs if there Defense didn't suck .fire this idiot
- bucks000

This D under the current coordinator WILL NEVER EVER be able to take us to the next level. If they are really content with that so be it, but they are not fooling anyone as long as Luke and pals remain. Wisconsin will run over them!!

I thought are defense was good enough to stop IU

Love the Buck but almost hoping they don't make playoffs as fear more national embarrassment if they play top teams. Can you imagine what Alabama would do to them? Sad to say it but it's the simple truth. FIRE FICKELL

We will/would get slaughtered by lots of good teams on both sides of the ball. Lucky to beat mediocre teams within the Big 10. as evidenced WEEK IN AND WEEk OUT. Just saying....

Our run defense continues to struggle. Fire Fickell now!
- Tim Hayward

Hmmm possibly fire fickell and hire muschamp? Lol
- osufan1236

I fear the preceding two posts are correct. A superior back will run over, through, up, and over the current defense. It could be a very, very ugly Big 10 Championship Game I fear.

Currently the bucks suck at run defense and I fear Whisky and Gordon will give us a smack down.
- bucklh73

Right aftert Ohio State wins out, we will lose because Melvin Gordon is a beast, and our Defense couldn't stop my grandma from running up the middle.
- Buckeyes 4 Life

30-yard TD run up the middle? Yeah Fickell you can go swim in the north Atlantic without a life-vest
- Dis Guy

Minnesota can only run the ball but our defense is so poorly coached we can't stop it.

It's Jim Heacock (a def. genius under Tressel) and demote Fickell to LB coach ONLY...this is the best solution short of firing Fickell! Luke showed his ability in 2011...LEADING the Bucks to a 6-6 record!
- 54buckeye

Fire Fickell! Fickell is a terrible coach! Fickell needs to feel like the pizza guy his wife got fired a few years ago!
- OSU Fan

Ohio State keeps winning, he should stay. If we lose big games he should go as simple as that
- NotAsBadAsItLooks

775+ a year, and probably doesn't have to pay for 90% of his meals. Nice racket, I give him credit for that at least. I think he would make a super coach for the team up North!

Perfect example of not being able to clamp down and end it. They do this against an SEC team NO LEAD is safe. Great D's don't rely on their O needing to out score an opponent.

Yes ficklell needs to be fired, Ohio state need a better def
- Patrick Williams

Wow our Defense is AMAZING :(

Zero for two stopping mich state off thus far

Wait for it.... wait...

As so many folks on this site have rightly pointed out time and again - Ohio State will NEVER match up against the highest quality opposition teams (even outside the SEC) unless there are dramatic, long-term defensive strategics put in play. We all know what it would like like if we played teams Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Florida State, Alabama. Imagine having to play teams like this not just once but 2 or more times a year. Like you I love OSU, we have the raw talent, but for years now the defense has been an ever-present weakness when it counts. Start, just start by getting rid of Fickell and go from there at least. We can do better! Go Bucks!!!

The worst development And coaching of DBs in the league. The never look at QB and run with WR. Will never beet quality opp w/ Coombs and fickle Terrible development of Premium talent
- Matt

Fickell needs to watch the buckeyes from his home on Saturdays!

We SURVIVED this week, we will get clobbered in two weeks. We can't sit in prevent the whole entire 2nd half and expect to win. In the 2nd half I felt like I was watching a rerun of the Clemson game.
- osu fan

I don'f believe Luke fickell is the one calling the plays on defense this year. I believe Chris Ash is calling the plays, and that's the reason the defense is playing better.
- JM

Fickell eats poop

Awful quite here of late. Did the Def suddenly get really good, did Luke become a football guru all of a sudden? Or (reality check) are we still playing the B and C caliber teams we do every year that we can always win. As soon as we step up, the D will fold as usual. We ALL KNOW that. Why not make the move to make changes now while there is time?

Yes, of course you are going to get scored on, everyone does. But the week after week, season after season big play mistakes and HORRIBLE (if any) defensive adjustments at all) by a team with the resources OSU has is inexcusable - particularly by the teams we play in general. No wonder we get our asses handed to us every time we play the SEC.

At this point, I think we need to lose to the team up north ( I HATE saying this) a few times consecutively to convince Urban to toss Fickell in the river.
- Fickelless Future

These DB'S are 4 and 5 star recruits? Start looking at some Walk Ons that want to play . They couldn't do any worse! EMBARRASSING!
- Gary Bogdan

Does the defense actually practice during the week? How can corners and safeties just look at each other while receivers run right between both of them for 80 yard touchdowns? That defensive coaching staff (led by INCOMPETENT LUKE FICKELL) should be ashamed to pick up a paycheck! Those kids are lost and confused and that is because of PISS POOR COACHING!
- Raymond Sturgess

Traditional Buckeye Defenses do not permit shoot outs, they promote shut outs. Allowing 20+ points ensures loses. This 2014 defense is not ready to play top ten teams. Maybe not even B10 teams. We need a smash mouth, clamp down Defense. FICKELL HAS FAILED TO DELIVER A TRADITIONAL BUCKEYE DEFENSE, THEREFORE, FIRE HIM.
- Wayback Buckeye

I cant imagine another year with this type of defense in our secondary. I guess I wont have to.. People don't realize we have probably the best D lines in the country! Here's and idea put our secondary on the D line for a practice and see how they like it!
- Buckeye Fan

Fickell should have been fired last year! His defense is horrible
- spenser

Can't take this anymore. How many weeks do we have to endure blown play after blown play. The guy looks lost. He won't be able to beat Mount Union with the current pay calls and schemes.
- Buckeye in Atlanta

Here we go again!!! Cincinnati !!!!????? Let's get rid of the whole defensive coaching staff !!!!
- Fodi wa

God Damn if I see another 50+ pass yard play I will freak out. Fire Luke Fickell. RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
- osu fan

Is anybody watching the Cincy game? When? When? When? Are they going to fire Fickell and get some decent defensive coaches.?
- Sickofthiscrap

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