Keep Luke Fickell?

To Fire or Not to Fire?

Looking forward to another year of Fickell's "Swiss Cheese" defense. I'm getting too old to watch this horrific stuff. My heart can't take it any longer.
- Raymond Sturgess

Reassign LF to coordinate coach's wife's socials.
- Karlis

man fickell is awful fire him
- nick h

OSU is getting good defensive recruits. Yet the defense is what is holding team back from becoming top 2 team. The blame has to fall on the D Coord. Sorry Fickell. You may have only lost 2 games in 2 years, but there were way too many close wins during that time period.
- Buckeyes Fan from CT

Guys come on, you lost two games in TWO years. He's alright I mean he's not that bad
- Coach Dantonio

Let's not forget the brilliant head coach and offensive coordinator that refused to give Carlos Hyde the ball for almost the entire second half against Mich State. Combine that with Luke's inept defense and you had the perfect combination to blow a BIG 10 championship! Great work guys!
- Raymond Sturgess

He was the reason we lost to MSU in the B10 Championship Game
- Oliver

- J. Guantonomo

Fire Fickell. Never should have let him stay. Proven incompetent
- Beau Aster

Urban Meyer is a great coach with lots of success. He knows whether or not he can develop Luke Fickell as a coach in order to help develop his players. He'll make the right decision. The OSU Defense wasn't good on stopping the pass consistently all season. The whole coaching staff is responsible for that including the head coach. They had months to meet and discuss their strategy. Luke Fickell is only part of that. We all need to wake up and realize that many reasons contribute for a lack of success in something and they have plenty of coaches to deal with this. It's not just one who is responsible.
- Derrick Logozzo

March 24th 2014.....don't give up hope yet!
- RichRodJr.

The Bucks had the talent last season...the trouble was with the defenses called by the def. coordinator (LF) on each play. They can recruit the finest talent, but if you give them a bad plan of action, it's all for naught. Since Meyer won't fire Fickell, then he needs to let someone other than LF call the plays.
- 54buckeye

Fickell needs to go and so does Thad Matta. They both don't know what to do with talent.
- Gary Bogdan

Mike Mitchell got jacked around by this incompetent ahole (Fickell). That's why he's leaving. Fickell must know where a lot of bodies are buried in the Columbus area. How else could he have kept this job?
- I. M. Fickellhater

Report out now that Mike Mitchell is leaving for personal reasons (his ailing father, may he recover) and because of frustration being redshirted last season. The latter reason rests solely on the coaches and more specifically, the defensive side, and even more specifically, the defensive coordinator/linebacker coach, one Luke Fickell. This man has now, at least to some degree, run off a 5-star recruit. I guess I see the logic, I mean our linebackers were absolute studs last season....
- Chris Swollenballs

And by incompetent assistants, I am not singling out Fickell. What offensive coordinator in his right mind would stop giving Carlos Hyde the football against MSU once OSU took a 24-17 lead. Jim Tressel would have NEVER lost that game. MSU would have got a steady diet of Hyde in the latter stages of that game. MSU couldn't stop him. POOR COACHING all the way around!
- FedUpBucksFan

Luke Fickell's coaching technique has embarrassed TOSU football long enough.In any other type of job his performance would dictate that he be relieved of his duties. Just watching him stand there, chewing his gum and not having a clue how to stop the other team's offense is sickening. If Urban Meyer thinks he got back into coaching to delegate all the authority to incompetent assistants, he signed on with the wrong school.
- FedUp BucksFan

If Urban Meyer is forced to keep Fickell because of their wive's friendship; then if I were Urban Meyer I would file for DIVORCE!
- Had EnoughofBadDfense

Can someone please tell me why does this guy still have a job with the Buckeyes? Fire Fickell!
- Dinner bell mel

Defense needs a fresh look. Ash and Johnson help, but unless one of them becomes the play caller, we are in for another year of piss-poor defensive play, something all Buckeye fans simply cannot tolerate. There will be no excuses with the top 5 recruiting class so why take chances with known commodity in LF? UM needs to make a move and make it now!
- Jim Tressel

A good friend of mine told me that he read the book "Buckeye Rebirth" and he said that in it, it mentions Luke Fickell's wife becoming close friends with Urban's wife. If this is true I think we have nailed down one of THE biggest factors for Fickell remaining on the coaching staff and if it is true then that really, really, really SUCKS! The team should not be held back by Fickell's poor coaching skills just to satisfy the friendship that their wives have developed. Absolutely freakin' ridiculous!
- Aaron

Fire fickell
- Firefickell

Does anyone think Urban's hands are tied? Is Gene Smith preventing this from being a reality? I just don't get it...
- -Paulie

Fickell needs to be let go. In the three years he has been running this defense, it has been getting worst not better. This is with 4 & 5 star recruits that are not being used or developed like they should be. Fickell defensive play calling is poor at best. By the way, he is the third highest paid defensive coordinator in college football. This defense that he ran, allowed the most points ever scored against a Ohio State football team in a season. Fickell might be a good recruiter, but he is far from being any kind of defensive coordinator. Myers does not owe Fickell anything. This was not Myers guy, this was the athletic director Smith's guy. It's time for OSU to move on, Period!!!!!
- Mike Bigrigg

It finally DID happen. Luke Fickell ineptness has spread to the Men's basketball team. Thad Motta has completely lost his team. No excuse for THIS type of performance.
- Raymond Sturgess

Fickell needs to go. If we want a national championship
- Urban meyer

Keep Fickell...he's awesome!!!
- Brady Hoke

Luke must be connected to a powerful person - no other way such an inept DC could survive When Urban was at Floida we had stout defenses so him keeping Fickell shows me he is stuck with him somehow
- Planner

Phil, Mark D'antonio was the D-Coordinator for the 03 natl title, also the last time the Bucks D was any good, Heacock was the D Coordinator. Do your homework bud.
- Middleman

Thank You , Jesus! These are high profile coaches coming in. Luke, take care of the towels and make sure the Gatorade is full.
- Raymond Sturgess

- Adam

It's very simple, OSU's defense has went downhill since Heacock left and Fickell came in2011.
- ydnar0591

Phil, as a former college football player you know that is a GOOD coach's RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the player(s) watch enough game film. Especially when they are getting burned on the same plays each week. This is a poor defense of Luke Fickell on your part. He must GO, ASAP!
- Raymond Sturgess

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