Keep Luke Fickell?

To Fire or Not to Fire?

Fire Fickell! Why do the alum like this guy so much? No coincidence Meyer brings in his guy and the D gets better
- CardaleTheSavior

Has anyone followed up with Earl Jones about the information below? I wonder what high school he is referring to? There are some great programs in NEO (St. Ignatius, Mentor, Gilmour Academy, St. Edward's, etc.)
- Tony Horton, P90X Instructor

if Herman leaves and take Fickell with him, the staff will be decimated. I hear meyer may consider a defensive coordinator from an elite northeast ohio private high schools as a replacement.
- earl jones

How tragic! Now we're gonna lose Herman instead of Fickell.
- Orton Hall

Alabama has a mobile QB and a lot of team speed. Buckeyes need to stay at home and not get fooled by misdirection.
- Jesse P.

Is the Silver Bullets back? Or is it just a fluke? Only time will tell ...
- Billy Price

The defense played great last night. Fickell still needs to be fired.
- Duece

The D really stepped up tonight. Great Job Buckeyes. Now its up to the selection committee to vote for Ohio State in the playoffs.
- BuckeyeFaninFLA

Fickell sucks - Wisconsin offense is kicking butt. Thank God for Cardelle Jones and the offense getting some points to keep OSU in the game!
- Big Pete


Someone mentioned above " why won't the alum put pressure on Gene Smith to make a change" Have you ever thought that maybe the reason Luke Fickell is still employed at osu is because of the alum?
- JH

This game should finally be the catalyst for removing him.

Fickell has no clue how to stop Melvin Gordon. It's going to be ugly in Indy.

Why aren't we hearing Ficketll's name mentioned in any of the current coaching searches? BECAUSE HE SUCKS!!!! Send him the way of UAB Football....
- LukeBlows

Bo Pelini or Will Muschamp...the move to a real d coordinator is the only missing piece for national dominance!
- Lee P

Why hasn't someone reached out to Dick Lebeau (Ohio State Alumni) to have him come in and teach our D Cordinators how to hide a blitz package in the off season?? Also someone make an offer to Muschamp PLZ!!!

Great point Raymond. The alumni need to put pressure on Meyer and AD Smith to make a change, enough is enough!

Auburn wasted No Time in getting rid of an incompetent DF. Ohio State is going on it's fifth year with this incompetent guy.
- Raymond Sturgess

All you have to do is ask opposing offensive coordinators what they think of our great Fickell run defense. Wanna bet what their comments are??? Does Fickell have pictures of someone with a goat or something??? WTF???

Gordon may run for 879 yards and 12 TD's Saturday. Fickell will probably play a 2 deep zone D and try to stop the great Stave from passing. Fickell is a complete moron.
- Jonny B

Why doesn't any of the media down there go off on Meyer about this defense and Fickell??? They are so afraid to upset the King Meyer to say anything??? Fickell is not even a nice guy, he is defensive and an arrogant prick!!! He actually defended his defense after giving up 603 yards to Michigan last year!!! Are u F-ing kidding me???

I have broken like 5 remotes this year because of this A-HOLE Fickel!!! Is Meyer blind??? Chunk play after chunk play after uncovered player after lost looking defenders!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO GET MUSCHAMP TO RUN THE D AND PAY HIM WHATEVER HE WANTS AND GET US A TITLE NEXT YEAR!!!! He might do it for a year or two, get a title or 2 and then he can have his pick of head coaching jobs after that!!!!
- Joel

Fickel is wasting Meyer's recruiting efforts with his pathetic schemes! We have stud athletes on defense but are out of position constantly. You can see players look at each other all the time when they give up big play after big play because they don't know where they should be!!! We will NEVER compete for a title with this idiot Fickel running this D!!! Why the hell has Urban not fired this POS???
- John Morris

Forget the playoff! Fire Fickell and build the defense from the ground up for next year. There is no other way around it.
- Billy Bruce

Congratulations to Urban Meyer for getting TWO Heisman qb's sidelined in the same year. Barrett got hurt on a 2nd and1! Inexcusable! Fickell orchestrated 3 beautiful Michigan drives of 95, 80 and 75 yds. He is an absolute joke amd his defense will get DISMANTLED by the Badger running game. It's not about "Next Man UP, Urban". How about keeping these kids healthy. Too many significant injuries that should not have happened.
- Gary Bogdan

Gonna be UGLY this Saturday sadly. Regardless, make a D change finall. All I want for XMAS is Fickle to go away. Please Santa?

Sure he's cute and a former player, but he needs to go. He isn't very smart and I don't know why OSU continues to tolerate mediocrity. We win despite him, due to our defensive talent and our offensive prowess-not because of him. There are others out there who deserve a shot at his job-heck Pelini's looking for a job! :-). If we lose to Wisconsin, it will be due to our defense, not because of sad loss of JT for the season. Our defensive guys deserve better leadership and strategy.
- MamaLisa

With Fickell's defense and JT down, we will be looking at another ugly loss in the B1G championship follow by a loss in a bowl game. Enough is enough ... get rid of the guy!
- Jim

being a michigan fan---I hope you keep fickell----he is like our head coach----a joke
- janes


The Buckeyes will NEVER go anywhere with this JOKE of a Coach in charge of the D. I have been painstainkingly watching my beloved OSU Buckeyes all year and every time the Defense under this INCOMPETENT BOOB takes the field I cringe. TACKLING is ATROCIOUS, COVERAGE IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN. Even a backup QB can look like a superstar versus this WEAK DEFENSE. MEYER has to MAKE A DAMN decision to FIRE FICKELL ASAP !!!!!!! IF WE EVER WANT TO MAKE IT TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP CAME !!!!!

Fickell ain't worth a nickel for a pickle. Sucks a dickle. Regards, Chris Sauters
- Chris Sauters

Meyer is such an idiot for putting up with Fickell. There is no hope for us competing in the playoff without Barrett since our defense continues to underachieve because of this poor, pathetic excuse for a defensive coach. If I were to ever have a conversation face-to-face with Meyer I would ask him point blank why the hell he hasn't fire Fickell? He clearly does not belong on the coaching staff.
- Aaron

Defense is abysmal. Fickell has to go! Leave him in Indy.
- Tulalip

Let Fickell go, Urban! Or your job will be in jeopardy.
- Holy Toledo

Isn't it obvious? This team is in dire need to revamp its defense. It starts with firing Fickell!
- Orton Hall

Its amazing that he has a division 1 job as a coordinator. proved it again while playing vs a less talented team..needs fired or at least demoted for his inferior coaching. in over his head...more than obvious
- Dempsey

Fire fickel. Get Mushcha (available) or Bo Pelini (might be available at the end of the v year) the D has been in decline with Fickel in charge of it.
- SEOH Buckeye

I've never seen so many talented players trying to just put a shoulder into someone to get them down. Not going to work. Does Luke know how to tackle?!!!
- Pete

And Brian Griese is a huge DB. Still fire Fickell.
- Pete

Fire this ass-clown and bring in Muschamp to run the defense. Awful coverage, tackling, and preparedness!
- Dick Trickle

Fickell keeps putting the team in a pickle! All those blue chips and Fickell has them leaving cow chips!
- Buckeye Dave

Takes 3 full quarters to get their FIRST three-and-out! Are you kidding me!! You can' t make this up. This is the best we can get? Fire this A-hole!

Did you hear that?!! This is the FIRST 3 and out against this shitty O all day, at the very end of the 3rd quarter!!!!!! If Fick had an real integrity he would submit his resignation after this game, really.

Fickell has embarrassed Ohio State enough. Get rid of the bum.
- waiveringfan

Do these guys even practice all week??? Definitely not tackling or fickle!!!!! Go bucks.
- skee dogg

How can you be a good team if each game you have to HOPE you can out score the other team every week!!!! This D has been 2nd rate for 5 years. MAKE SOME DAMN CHANGES PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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