Keep Luke Fickell?

To Fire or Not to Fire?

This man is involved in no recruiting, good move urban.
- Koty

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Boscombe Valley Mystery
- Tony

In 1890 the College of Wooster defeated Ohio State 64-0 in the Buckeyes first ever home football game. I have just learned that OSU's defensive coordinator in that game was Levon Lucas Fickell, Luke Fickell's great grandfather. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
- Earl Jones

The D you saw in the last few games is the result of changes made by Urban after 2013. Credit Ash and Johnson for the improvement!
- Tony

We won a national championship with a GREAT defense! We held OREGON to 20 points! OREGON! I say keep him
- Lil Brutus

He won't get fired after we just won it all. Honestly, he and Larry Johnson seem like the recruiters and Ash and Johnson seems like the in-game masterminds. Until it all collapses (aka when Ash and/or Johnson leave) let Fickell stay.
- Dagger

hopefully Ash and Johnson will carry Luke for another year but i can't understand why Urban didn't hire Dottore from Gilmour. Perhaps he was day dreaming about the prayer sessions he had with Aaron Hernandez and then that ship sailed.
- Earl Jones

We did win it all last year. But to repeat we need to get better and it starts from the coaching staff. Fickell just sucks. Get rid of him!
- Tony

I don't care what you guys think you're entitled to your opinion. I find it offensive that you say these things about Luke after we just won a national championship
- Jon Paul Paul Jon

Fickell sucks! Our defense could use someone new! We have so much work to be done on defense because of this train wreck he's created
- Richie

Meyer said overall, the hire of Chris Ash and Larry Johnson made an impact last year: "When you start talking about Ohio State, there was a decade of brilliance on defense and that was lost for a little bit." TRANSLATION: Fickell Sucks!
- B.J.

There is no place for a guy like Fickell on a team vying for repeat!
- Ben

Fire the guy! Hire someone competent.
- Tony

Last season, Fickell's zone scheme allowed teams to chip their way down the field. I'll never foget his defense self-imploded resulted in those back-to-back losses in the B1G title game and the Orange Bowl in 2013. Innovative??? I don't think so!!!
- B.J.

If Seattle's defensive coordinator is getting a head coaching job in the NFL I don't see how Luke with his innovative defensive schemes can be far behind. The bottom line I spell defense D-O-T-T-O-R-E not Fickell
- Earl Jones

Earl. Who the heck is Dettore?

Buckeyes D in the last few games reminds me of Ash's D at Wisconsin. Is it Ash or is it just Fickell's fortunate stroke of serendipity?
- Orton Hall

All I know was, before Ash came on board, the defense was atrocious for over three years under Fickell.
- Stanley J.

The bottom line is when I think of defense the only name i think of is Dettore. I don't think of Fickell.
- earl jones

Luke was on the hot seat this year. His defense has been less than spectacular the past three seasons. The addition of Larry Johnson Sr. and Chris Ash certainly helped bring a lot of continuity to that defense. How many All American defensive linemen did LJ sr. put in the NFL from Penn State?

Your personal attacks and self-demeaning comments will never help you make a point.
- Josh

It must be easy making comments about a guy from your cozy couch in front of your television when you probably never played the game or, even better, have never coached a day in your life. If you had half a brain you'd admire Urban's decision to keep Fickell on staff. Clearly Urban see's something in Fickell that all of you are to ignorant to see. Fickell had earned Coach Meyer's support and trust and we know his players trust him. He's a buckeye through and through unlike the folks who started this site. Seriously, go get day jobs all of you.
- Concerned Buckeye

I will be suing Luke Fickell for stealing my likeness. You are all potential witnesses in my lawsuit. I will advise later of hearing dates.
- Bobby Boucher, South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs Waterboy

I agree. Ohio State impropable championship run had everything to do with Urban Meyer and almost nothing to do with Luke Fickell.
- Josh

We won! Did Fickell get us there? NO. The team will be even better without him.
- Billy Bruce

You guys look like the biggest group of assholes in the history of OSU football. Luke's wearing two National Championship rings and is our glue in recruiting OH.

After this season I don't think firing fickell is an option, but if he becomes a hc somewhere we should bring back Jim heacock. Reasons: a defense with classic big ten strength paired with an offense with SEC speed like urban is making would be unstoppable. Also, while the hc at Indiana state back in the 90s, heacock had a young assistant by the name of Urban Meyer #gobucks #silverbullets
- Scott

Great Win! It's a team effort. Fickell still has to go! He is the weakest link.
- B.J.

I knew Fickell was an idiot when he was interim head coach and started Bonderman 6 or 7 games before finally going to Braxton Miller.

So happy now Fickell can get the Hell out, we all know Ohio State Defense. 3 fluke performances and now he gonna get a head coaching job someplace else! GO BUCKEYES! (I love Chris Ash)

HAHA... Where's all the Fickell Haters now? Best D Coordinator in College Football. Shutting down 3 Heisman candidates in a row.. Oh and bringing home a title. This site is and always has been a joke. im out. #TeamFick

I have been one of your biggest critics, Luke, but those players think the world of you and they let everyone know it. Their opinions and Urban's are the only ones that matter. Congratulations on a job VERY WELL DONE!
- Gary Bogdan (Love those Bucks)

Fickell did well but I'm sure that Chris Ash and Larry Johnson Sr. had a lot to do with it. They were both great hires by Urban.
- Gary Bogdan

After the cameras left, i understand Fickell was handed the game ball to wild adulation. Thereafter, he received calls from 10 defensive coordinators from the Pac 12 asking for advice. High praise for this befuddled looking defensive genius.
- earl jones

Great Job Luke! The idiot that started this page should be fired.
- Bill

In the words overheard tonight from our team and a few coaches. All of you want a bes playing Xbox/play station playing games and can now take a break from writing silling post about knowledge you clearly no nothing about it. Our physical defensive outmanned there appointment. I think it time to taw down this side. It the Ohio states59999ytdavvq

Do all you folks who created this site and have made statements Ohio State will never win a national championship with Luke Fickell as the defensive coordinator. I thinks it's appropriate for all of you to retire this site and reckognize non of you know what your talking about.
- True Buckeye

They say Oregon plays so fast that their tempo takes defensive coordinators out of the game.If that's the case, ADVANTAGE OHIO STATE!
- Raymond Sturgess

The defense improves because of the new hires, Larry Johnson and Chris Ash, not Fickell. Did we win? Fire Fickell!
- B.J.

I've posted here a bunch of times. Im a long time FireFickell advocate. However, that defense in the Sugar Bowl was fantastic. I was extremely impressed. That defense was well prepared, well coached and played with fire! I will not be posting here anymore, Im just going to trust Urban Meyer and give the entire team my full support from top to bottom. #GoBucks #BucksOverDucks #BuckeyesForever
- Former Fire Fickle Advocate

Get rid of Fickell! A championship caliber team need a top-notch coaching staff.
- Tulalip Buckeye

This is Wrong place for you! *ichigan and Fickell backers.
- B.J.

Fire him he sucks!!!0

I think Pitt is going to win the national championship next year. Ohio state sucks. Go Blue!!!
- MichiganFan12345

He needs to go...period...shouldn't depend on yor offense to score 50 to hopefully win with this moron at the helm...grow a pair luke

Fickell is such a great coach that colleges are clamoring for his services at their school. Sorry wrong person.
- Andrew

Does Luke look clueless tonight?!

Bucks D was ranked 29th overall. That ranking is not grounds for dismissal. Not even close
- Grover806

Hail to Pitt!
- Jackson W

Earl..l also heard that Mattison will switch job with Fickell and reunite with Urban.
- Stanley J.

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